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  • 25th Višnjan’s summer came to its end

    This summer through Višnjan’s residential camps and schools SECV hosted over 80 students from 3rd grade elementary school to high school graduates from all across Croatia, as well as from abroad (USA, Canada, Italy, Serbia). To ensure all intellectual, technical, logistical and other student’s needs are met more than 40 mentors, camp/school leaders, assistants and lecturers from different institutions across the world were present at site.

    Students had an opportunity to work on interdisciplinary projects from traditional “Introduction to Scientific Method” for youngest ones, through Design of educational systems; Black and White Photography to Meteor Streams (CMM); Geophysical measurements of ionosphere; Submarine construction; Simulation of Mars’s condition and others. Link between mentors, students and lecturers might be described as passion towards work they are doing. Check out some pictures taken during this Višnjan Summer.

    Looking forward to next meeting!

  • Second Campus launched!

    Second in row Camp intended for Italian Minority’s talented elementary school students, or just “Campus” is held at Science and Education centre Visnjan. Campus is organised by Unione Italiana, Univetsity of Trieste and SECVisnjan, and it’s aim is to offer students introduction to scientific method, literacy and critical thinking on special “Višnjan approach”, as we do it on our established educational programs. 7 day-long schedule packed with excellent lecturers, great projects and interesting field-trips are fine recipe for fulfilled and happy participants! Manifesto_YSC-IT_2014_s  
  • 20th Messier’s Marathon

    On March 29th at 3PM on Tičan Observatory 20th Messier’s Marathon is going to take place! Messier’s is organised by Višnjan Observatory and Croatian Astronomical Society. Program is going to be opened with lectures starting at 3 PM, and Marathon starts at 7 PM.
  • Applications for 2014 are opening!

    We are opening applications for all summer camps and schools held in 2014 on April 4th. More information can be found here. We are looking forward to your applications!