Višnjan Observatory (IAU MPC code 120) was founded as a public observatory by a decision at the assembly of Amateur Astronomical Society Višnjan, on November 13 1992. By a subsequent decision of Astronomical Society Visnjan and Science and Education Center Višnjan in 2005, Višnjan Observatory becomes an astronomical institute.

The observatory is well known for its outstanding results in astrometric measurements and discoveries of small bodies of the Solar system. In the time period between year 1995 and 2001, at Višnjan Observatory have been discovered 1749 asteroids. Although Višnjan Observatory is not active anymore in asteroid search since more than a decade, it is still one of the most prolific discovery sites for asteroids in the World.

By increase of light pollution in Istria during 2000 and 2001, the asteroid survey at Višnjan Observatory became difficult and ceased completely in 2001.

Currently, Višnjan Observatory is active in the fields of science popularization and education. Its projects in cooperation with the Science and Education Center Višnjan include educational programs in many different scientific areas, for students of all ages.

By building of Tičan Oservatory (~3 km east of Višnjana) and installing the equipment for astronomical and geophysical measurements at the new location, we are trying to return conditions necessary for our research work. Some of the educational activities are also slowly moving towards the new location.