Would you like to join our programs as mentor?

Join us!

In order to develop, create and execute our programs, in addition to our permanent team, each year we enroll many people as associates who are enthusiastic, volunteers, students, pupils, parents… They all have in common passion for education and attitude that it is worth to invest their valuable time and energy in our projects.

Who are our associates? 

  • Curious and enthusiastic individuals with high interest in nature, science, technology, social sciences, arts…
  • People who would like to take a try in sci education, regardless of their education and previous experience
  • High school students, who had participated in our programs, students, teachers, kinder-garden teachers, university professors, parents
  • Everyone else with good idea for a project with above average students, and some resources (e.g. time, energy, knowledge and skills)

If you are (still) interested, feel free to contact us!

More information on individual schools can be reached in Education session.