Popular Science Lectures

One of many activities at Višnjan Observatory, Višnjan Astronomical Society and Science and Education Center Višnjan is the popularization of science, mainly through popular science lectures and astronomical observations of the sky. These activities are open to the general public, including students of all ages.

Visits to Višnjan Observatory

In cooperation with Višnjan Observatory, we also organize group visits to the observatory. Group visits to the observatory are possible by appointment only. Feel free to contact us via email: info@astro.hr

The program for groups consists of a lecture, tour of the observatory, and/or observations of celestial objects (including the sun in the case of a daytime visit) through amateur telescopes outside of the observatory. The main telescope in the observatory is used for research purposes and observations through it are not possible. The lecture can be adapted to your group’s age and interest (Solar System, Asteroids, Space Guard). Tours are possible in Croatian, English, or Italian language.

Workshops for Organizations

Would you like a lecture or a workshop at your school or institution? We try to meet everyone’s needs. Feel free to contact us.