How and where we live while in Višnjan

Co-coordination of technical work to Science and education Center is provided by elementary school J. Šuran with its’ accommodation capacity, as well as providing us with classrooms during summer break, when most of our activities take place. During our residential schools and camps, participants, mentors and guests are accommodated in dormitory, large single-floored building just under Višnjan’s elementary school. Dormitory consists of sleeping area capacity 53 beds in 7 rooms each equipped with toilet and bathroom. Guests bring their own towels, and washing machine is available. Working part of the dormitory consists of conference room, kitchen, toilets, storage rooms, physics/electronics lab, CMM station room and classroom.  Conversion of storage rooms to chemistry/biology lab is planned, which would enable us more comfortable work all year round.

Few meters away from the Dormitory there are 6 containters converted to storage for lab, terrain and informatics equipment. When needed two of containers can be used as laboratories.

During the summer, we are allowed to use elementary school Jože Šuran’s facilities  – labs, computer room and workshop.

Except above described facilities we work in Višnjan Observatory, few meters away from school. Višnjan Observatory is home for world’s most productive home-made telescope, which was used to discover over 1700 Solar system’s small bodies. Except telescope, small library, classroom and offices are placed there.


“New” Observatory – Tičan Observatory is situated on Tičan hill, 3 kilometers from Višnjan, and houses Dagor telescope. Observatory has two apartments for visiting scientists, working area, control room, and lecture hall.


In order to conduct their outdoor activities explorer’s club eXplora Novigrad has adapted area in the mouth of Mirna river, where different activities e.g. bird- and wildlife-watching, investigations of salty creek flora and fauna, free climbing and survival techniques are practiced. Antenal is also home for the youngest participants of the Science Forrest Kindergarten Explora Cuvete!

Food & co.

If you work hard, food must eat good. Delicious lunches and dinners are eaten in konoba Borgonja, approximately 300 meters from Dormitory. Friendly Borgonja’s personnel except making great food is always available for all our (sometimes strange) requests.