Popular-scientific lectures and visits

One of many activities at Višnjan Observatory, Astronomical Society Višnjan and Science and Education Center Višnjan is popularization of science, mainly through popular-scientific lectures and astronomical observations of the sky. These activities are open to the general public, including students of all ages.

Some traditional public events, already well known to the public are the winter lecture series “Fridays at seven” and the summer “Astro Nights” at Tičan.

  • The series of lectures “Fridays at seven” usually takes place every year in the period between January and March. Lectures were hold by invited speakers of different profiles and experts in various fields. The lectures were held in the former municipal hall in Višnjan, reaching an excellent attendance record in the past years

For all events, please follow the announcements on our websites. On a regular basis, here will be posted all scientific and popular activities during the year, as well as all activities which are open to the public during our educational programs.


Group visits to the observatory are possible by appointment only!

For groups, we are able to organize a special program that may include a lecture and/or observtions of celestial objects (including the Sun in case of a visit during daylight). Tours are possible also in English and Italian language.

Price of group visits:

Negotiable – depending on the program and no. participants. Feel free to contact us!

Schools, institutions, companies

You would like to order a lecturer for a event in your school or institution? We would happy to be able to agree on a visit. Please feel free to contact us with your offer.